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Welcome To MashySoft

What is MashySoft

Established in 2016, MashySoft was created to showcase small coding projects and apps. Since then, it has released games, has it's own minecraft server and has worked on a collective known as Mashy Clan.

Our Mission

Within the next few years, MashySoft hopes to continue developing games and launch apps on Google Play and/or Steam. MashySoft also hopes to continue working with smaller content creators and boost their platforms alongside Mashy Clan. To do this we have a number of ways creators can collaborate with each other, such as MashySMP:


MashySMP is a project created by MashySob in December of 2020. It was initially created in order to allow smaller minecraft content creators to branch out to eachother. It has a number of features such as:


Dynmap - allowing for creators and fans to watch the progress and development of buildings in MashySMP live.


Bedrock Support - this allows for practically any minecraft content creators to join as long as they have a copy of Minecraft on any platform.


Custom Enchants - although not a core part of the server (it mostly operates as a vanilla server), they allow for inspiration behind Lore and Story and also keep the server fresh compared to others.

Other Projects we have
worked on

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Over the years, MashySoft has hosted a numerous amount of events within its own community. These range from competitions held such as a photoshop competition hosted on MashySoft's official server to other big projects like the MashySMP. MashySoft's projects often come in a variety to expand it's target audience - as MashySoft is known for its collabaration with smaller content creators, rewarding its players for good content. It offers different community projects with a diverse community, coming from different places. MashySoft's Mashy Clan frequently interacts with its community, even reading its Discord moderator applications for the purpose of entertainment. See below reactions of those in the community:


MashySoft also has an official group on Roblox where Mashy Clan's roblox community can hang out, as well as creating a selection of items that can be brought from the group, which will then feed back into Mashysoft and hopefully motivate us to develop and grow more. MashySoft rewards its community, integrating a Discord bot to do a Robux giveaway to celebrate the Mashy Clan youtube channel's 500 subscriber milestone.